Who we are


EYES ON ASIA is an international company with presence in China, Hong Kong and Colombia. It has more than 7 years of operational experience, specializing in foreign trade consultancy, logistics and support services in all processes related to the import and export of goods in and fromĀ  Asian markets.

Asia, especially China has become one of the main suppliers of raw materials, goods and components for Western companies. Exploring and implementing business opportunities has created a competitive advantage, which requires teamwork focused on making of your investments in the continent of Asia, a successful key for your business.

The physical and cultural barriers make first contact with the Asia continent a big challenge for small, medium and large companies in Latin America interested in creating opportunities for continued growth.

Eyes on Asia is your ally in areas such as business processes, logistics and strategic planning if your purpose is to export or import goods to or from this market.

Eyes on Asia the strategic partner to achieve your goals!!!