• Logistics and Transport Strategies

Logistics and Transport Strategies

We serve as a supporting part in addressing logistics and transportation needs, providing precise information at each step of the process and adding value to their operational costs in China and Asia markets.

  • Sample material. Finding, taking and shipping commercial samples with competitive rates, in order to secure the right and desirable purchasing.
  • Payment and international transactions. Managing transfer and payments from our international accounts to vendor or third part, according to the established negotiations with the purpose of caring for your investments.
  • Freight consolidation We ensure that your goods are consolidated and shipped as you are expecting, regardless of the city where the purchase was made and the final destination of the goods. We are teamed up several warehouses throughout the Chinese territory and other Asia countries.
  • Packing and Shipment of Goods We check their products before the shipment of the goods, ensuring the terms previously agreed. We send reports and photographic records to confirm the condition of the goods and dispatch of the same.
  • Shipping and Air Transport. We offer to our customers competitive rates for shipping your goods either by air or sea transport ensuring rapidly, effectiveness and reliability.
  • Customs Management. We deal with processes and documentation of customs for your purchases, in the country of origin and country of destination if required.
  • Following up documents and date. We are your eyes in the Asia market. For this reason you can rely on our effective service of handing documents related to your project. Also we take control for all procedures dealing with documents regarding legalization and nationalization of respective goods.